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Stir Fry Noodles

As a fresh food company,  we’re proud to make our noodles fresh and it takes as little as 30 minutes to turn the raw ingredients of flour, egg and water into the finished product ready to ship to our customers. We make all our egg noodles from scratch every day, and as one of the country’s…

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Stir Fry Vegetables

Here at Kanes Foods we pull together all of the best ingredients to make the most convenient and easy solutions for a healthy dinner. To create the perfect stir fry vegetable mixes we source local British produce as well as exotic vegetables from as far afield as Kenya and China. We chop, wash, slice and…

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Salad Dressings

A good dressing can transform a salad and at Kanes Foods we believe fresh dressings are the best.  We produce bespoke recipes and our development team are always looking to create new flavours.  Our experts blend a variety of globally sourced spices, oils and herbs right here in our dedicated Spice Room, based on the…

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Salad Bowls

Our four dedicated salad bowl production lines produce some of the most popular salad bowls in the market today and are versatile enough to assemble complex recipes as well as high volume fast-moving lines.  Our range of salad bowls varies from simple leafy bowls to complete salad meals which include protein, pasta, noodles, vegetables and…

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