Quality and Freshness From Bamboo Shoots to Wild Rocket... 

All the products we make at Kanes Foods are fresh, prepared produce.  Whether it's Red Chard babyleaf from right here in Worcestershire, for our tasty salad bowls, or Mangetout from Guatemala, for our stir fry vegetable mixes, we work hard to source the highest quality ingredients from our vast network of suppliers.

Our Products

At Kanes Foods we're passionate about great tasting healthy food and offer a wide choice of fresh and convenient meal solutions, for everyone.

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Salad Bowls

Our four dedicated salad bowl production lines produce some of the most popular salad bowls in the market today and are versatile enough to assemble complex recipes as well as high volume fast-moving lines.  Our range of salad bowls varies from simple leafy bowls to complete salad meals which include protein, pasta, noodles, vegetables and toppings as well as the dressings we make ourselves here in Evesham.

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Salad Dressings

A good dressing can transform a salad and at Kanes Foods we believe fresh dressings are the best.  We produce bespoke recipes and our development team are always looking to create new flavours.  Our experts blend a variety of globally sourced spices, oils and herbs right here in our dedicated Spice Room, based on the latest food trends.

Our dressings are available in bottles and sachets as well as component ingredients in our salad bowls and salad meal kits.  In a typical week we make up to 80 tonnes of dressings using 37 different herbs & spices.



Stir Fry Vegetables

Here at Kanes Foods we pull together all of the best ingredients to make the most convenient and easy solutions for a healthy dinner. To create the perfect stir fry vegetable mixes we source local British produce as well as exotic vegetables from as far afield as Kenya and China.

We chop, wash, slice and dice our vegetables to produce a full range of stir fry mixes in both bags and trays and every day we pack around 100,000 units to dispatch to our customers.

Stir Fry is a quick, healthy and tasty meal and a great way to add vegetables to your diet – Healthy Choices Made Easy!


Stir Fry Noodles

As a fresh food company,  we’re proud to make our noodles fresh and it takes as little as 30 minutes to turn the raw ingredients of flour, egg and water into the finished product ready to ship to our customers.

We make all our egg noodles from scratch every day, and as one of the country’s leading noodle manufacturers that’s equivalent to over 57 tonnes of noodles every week or 20 million meals per year.

We also produce a range of flavoured noodles that we cook on site before packing and we can infuse our own recipe spice-mix to create unique and exciting products.


Stir Fry Sauces

Our Sauces production line makes around 40,000 units every day, supplying the UK’s leading supermarkets with fresh stir fry sauces to accompany our range of vegetable mixes and noodles.  Flavours range from the very popular Chow Mein Sauce to the more unusual Katsu Curry Sauce and it’s popularity is steadily growing each year.

Made in the same factory as our Dressings and Marinades, our freshly made Stir Fry sauces are cooked to enhance flavour and texture and then packed immediately meaning consumers get the freshest tasting sauces possible.

Our Growers

Our suppliers are part of the family at Kanes and we work hard with them to develop long and sustainable partnerships built on trust, honesty and regular interaction.  Our robust approval processes mean all our suppliers have accreditation against recognised farm assurance schemes and are safe, competent and reliable.


To create our products we're sourcing around 200 different raw materials at any one time and wherever feasible we will source from the UK.  We can also source from several European countries when necessary and even reach as far as Gambia, Kenya  and Peru for specific exotic produce.


In total we're working with about 400 growers and over 60 different ingredient and packaging suppliers.  It's a complex network and an essential part of our process, designed to ensure we're always delivering on quality, food safety and continuous improvement.

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