SMT briefing

The Kanes Foods Senior Management Team held their quarterly briefing at local Evesham hotel.

Kanes’ Senior Managers gathered together on 26-Apr to hear updates from the Leadership Team on company progress and future strategy as well as an informative presentation from the company’s new e-learning partner, Bolt Learning.

Bolt’s e-learning is a new learning tool at Kanes that delivers¬†pedagogically-sound training specifically designed to engage the trainee in active learning.¬† Bolt’s Tom Fender spoke with Kanes’ managers, demonstrating how the training is designed to maximise knowledge retention, change mind set and ultimately influence behaviour.

At Kanes we value openness and honesty and this meeting is one of the ways we ensure we all keep communicating clearly across our large and complex business. Some great ideas were shared about new opportunities and how to tackle some of the key challenges we’re facing. We also got to recognise excellent work by some colleagues who’ve delivered cost-saving or time-saving initiatives.